Are You a Unicorn Hunter?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a unicorn hunter? Are you a young, unmarried female? Does the following describe you?

  • Mysteriously survived a unicorn attack.
  • Seems to know when unicorns are around.
  • Have witnessed a unicorn bowing in your presence.
  • Can accurately describe the appearance of a kirin-type unicorn.
  • Sees unicorns when other people don't.
  • Have been injured by the horn of a unicorn and are still alive.
Have any of the above experiences happened to you? Are you interested in joining the exciting world of unicorn hunting? Travel! Live in a historical monastery in the heart of Rome, Italy! Make friends! Learn new skills! Hone your innate magical abilities!

For further information, please contact C. Bartoli at the Order of the Lioness. (orderofthelioness AT gmail DOT com).

We look forward to testing your powers!

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